Share in our passion for great food, ethically-sourced organic produce & the environment

Our Vision

Our idea at Down to Earth is brought on by the lack of fresh locally sourced, organic food/coldpress juices. We are proud to say that we will be the first all organic restaurant in Glasgow. Our goal is not just to sell juices and food but to educate each customer who comes through the door and give them the insight we feel is vital for optimised health.

We believe in supporting local, regional food and building relationships with independent farmers and suppliers to ensure we know where your food comes from. All fish, poultry and meat sourced is local and wild.We support the concept of use, recycle, reuse. That’s why all of our packaging is fully biodegradable, the wood we use in-store is reclaimed or recycled and everything is 100% Organic.

Flexitarianism: Not As Complicated As It Sounds

It’s widely recognised that a diet which is high in red meat & processed ingredients is linked to high blood pressure & cases of type 2 diabetes, as well as vastly increasing the risk of heart attacks & strokes. It’s also widely recognised that giving up meat completely can be really hard! Flexitarianism is a healthy & balanced alternative to both – consisting of a largely plant-based diet, but with the option to consume organic, ethically-sourced meat, poultry & fish. Not sure where to start? The flexitarian lifestyle is delicious & makes you feel fantastic – visit Down to Earth to see for yourself!

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